The "International Yonsei Community(IYC)" was founded in 1995 for global, multi-cultural exchange within the Yonsei society, including the hundreds of students from all around the world. Under the universal idea to contribute to the worldwide foundation of wisdom and knowledge, to overcome cultural, racial and academic gaps, to promote unity based on deep understanding, IYC took flight.

The purpose of IYC is to break down the invisible wall that stands between Korean students and international students. Language should be a tool to communicate, not an obstacle. Cultural exchange is not to emphasize the differences we have. It should be focused on connecting people. So we try to lay bridges between people rather than giving them binoculars. Our activities are planned to produce as many opportunities as we can to bring the people together.

국제연세학생회(이하 IYC)는 1995년, 연세대학교에서 공부하고 있는 수백 명의 외국 학생들과 함께, 국제적이며 다문화적인 교류를 위해 창립되었습니다. 세계화 시대를 맞아, 사회, 과학 등의 발전에 기여하며, 극복해야 할 문화적, 인종적, 학문적 차이를 인식하고, 서로간의 결속과 문화 이해를 공고히 하자는 취지에서 IYC를 설립하게 되었습니다.

  IYC의 목적은 연세대학교 한국인 학생들과 외국학생(교환학생 및 어학당 재학생)들 사이의 보이지 않는 벽을 없애는 데 있습니다. ‘언어’는, 서로간의 이해에 있어 방해물이 아니라 도구가 되어야 합니다. 국제 교류가 문화에 대한 지적인 인식에 그쳐서는 안 됩니다. 진정한 교류는 그러한 지식적 이해에 다리를 놓음으로써 완성되는 것입니다. 따라서 저희의 모든 활동은 상호간 직접적인 교류가 가능한 장을 만드는 데 초점이 맞춰져 있습니다.


Before the start of each semester, IYC holds a party welcoming the incoming exchange students to Yonsei.
It will provide a great opportunity for the international students to meet Korean students as well as other exchange students.

This trip is a retreat that all university students go at least once, to get to know one another.
There will be a barbecue, a dance party, and lots of games and drinking.

This is a conference where we invite the exchange students from Yonsei and Sogang University to share thoughts and cultures by debating about certain topics or worldwide issues.
It provides an opportunity for both exchange students and Korean students to share different ideas together.

During the Yonsei University Festival (in May), we open an outdoor cooking booth where we cook different kinds of international food.
We also invite exchange students to try these food and enjoy drinking together in the outdoor booth.

We are always open to new ideas and acitivities that we can do with you all.
For example, we went hiking in the Bukaksan (mountain in Seoul) and ate Samgyetang (Korean traditional chicken soup).
We also go to watch movies together in Shinchon.
Please feel free to contact us for suggestions or questions.


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